Vital Essence Massage

Rejuvenating Spirit,Soul And Body

About Vital Essence Massage

When you're feeling tired,stressed out, depressed and having aches & pains,Vital Essence Massage is the place to escape. It's a rejuvenating,healing and nurturing environment to kick off your shoes and relax your feet. The only disappointment to the massage experience is when it has to come to an end. Vital Essence Massage is not just a ordinary massage. But it is a massage that brings about healing benefits that prepare you for a new journey in life.

Shanta Hurt, Owner 
Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT)

After years of working in the medical field I came to find a passion for massage therapy. I attended an accelerated massage therapy program and graduated,I then received my Tennessee state license. I've been in this service industry for over 4 years and being a professional Massage Therapist is one of my passions. Taking care of and encouraging people is what I love to do. In my expertise I provide quality care and services that revive, nurture and heal.