Vital Essence Massage

Rejuvenating Spirit,Soul And Body

Benefits of Massage

Promotes deeper breathing

Improves posture

Improves circulation

Enhances skin tone and skin health

Increases and promotes joint flexibility

Enhances a calm mind

Reduces anxiety

Increases self-awareness

Promotes mental alertness

Increases peace of mind

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 Relaxation Massage 
Is a light to medium pressure Swedish Massage.That promotes circulation and revive the lymphatic system. It is good for stress and chronic pain.

Therapeutic Massage

Which is known for firm to deep tissue pressure and varies different types of massage techniques that release muscle tension. It provides deep pain relief. Help loosen scar tissue and lengthens muscles. Its also good for chronic and overuse injuries.

Hot Stone Massage

Is a massage that eases muscle stiffness and tension. It also decreases stress and anxiety. If you have chronic pain, arthritic conditions and fibromyalgia it can help ease the pain. When you get a hot stone massage it increases circulation, softens the skin, and warm deeper muscles.

30 min massage $25.00
60 min massage $55.00
90 min massage $65.00
 2 hour massage $135.00

               Prenatal Massage
Helps relieve headaches and helps alleviate backaches. It also helps with your restlessness and enhance your sleep. Prenatal massage reduces your fatigue.

60 min prenatal massage $60.00

30 min massage $45.00
60 min massage $75.00
90 min massage $85.00
 2 hour massage $155.00

Enhance Treatments
Hot Rocks Deep Muscle Relief $55.00
Yummy! Spa Feet $55.00
Yummy! Hot Rocks Spa Feet $60.00
Yummy! Hot Rocks Back Scrub $60.00

60 min massage $90.00
     90 min massage $130.00

Add On Enhancement Services

  • Ahhh! So Soft hands                    $15.00
  • Ahhh! So Soft feet                        $15.00
  • Ahhh! So Refreshing Back Scrub $20.00
  • Aromatherapy Enhancement       $15.00
  • Hot Stone On The Back               $15.00
  • Upgrade to Deep Tissue              $20.00
  • Aroma Hot Oil Enhancement       $15.00
  • Aroma salt foot soak                    $15.00


                                                                               All services are booked by appointment only.

Its important to be on time because late arrive affects your massage session.
Cancellation policy please give 3 to 24 hr. notice due to client volume.